Who Are We?

This is me…

…and so is this little tot!

Do you know who you are, what you do (or want to do), where you’ve come from, or where you’re going? You can answer these questions as frivolously or as deeply as you like, but I invite you to have a think before you frame a reply.

I can tell you all sorts about my childhood, jobs I’ve had, my family set-up, and so on, but I find it almost impossible to talk about ME – my wants and dreams, the things I love or dread, what excites me or terrifies me, my thoughts and feelings.  Maybe it’s down to habits formed in early childhood, or perhaps a lifetime of busyness combined with people-pleasing, that old stereotype of daughter/wife/mum putting others before herself all the time.  

A few of the things that make me, me

Whatever the reason, I’ve got my early 50s without really knowing myself, but I feel a real desire to change this, and get to know what makes me ‘tick’.  This might be very uncomfortable at times, and I might not like some of what I find out, but I’ve felt drawn to this work for a few years, and I’m also rather curious.  I suppose it’s research, of a sort, into myself, with the end result being able to tell my story – past/present/future – for and to myself, but also to anyone interested enough in reading it.

Telling and writing stories I can do, but not when it comes to myself, it feels like showing off or putting myself front and centre. I feel torn between feeling invisible, and also not wanting to be noticed – a psychologist would find that very interesting, no doubt!  However, talking to someone else about yourself, in a safe space, and then letting them tell your story feels more comfortable, and other people don’t have your emotional ties to the information.

To this end, I recently had a couple of conversations with Clair Wright, of A Social Nature, who has now launched her new offering of exactly this – telling your story.  Some of it was a little emotional for me, probably will be for most people if you’re basically telling a brief version of your life story.  Clair is very good at taking in everything you say, reflecting back, and asking more questions to get a sense of the answers to the questions I asked at the top of this post – and then turning all your ramblings into a coherent and well-written version of yourself.  A great experience, especially when you’re trying to find out how/where you want to place yourself professionally, and will make an excellent springboard for next week’s post – watch this space! 

Do you know yourself, what inspires or infuriates you, what makes your heart and soul sing, or cower in fear? I would love for you to let me know about yourself – pop down your thoughts in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Who Are We?

  1. I totally relate to this. I love that line “I feel torn between feeling invisible and not wanting to be noticed”. You could be describing me. It’s strange how we feel we are the only ones who think that way, but there must be millions of us. Looking forward to reading more of your story.

  2. “Maybe it’s down to habits formed in early childhood…” Growing up with an ascetic Catholic mom who, when we kids felt pain, told us to “offer it up,” who considered introspection to be self-absorption, who, when as a teen I asked why she didn’t give compliments said she didn’t want me to get a big head… yeah. I can see how childhood can have an impact. Finding myself at a similar age and realizing I could be pretty perceptive of others yet only dimly aware of myself, your post spoke to me and I thank you for it and the serendipity of finding you today. Wishing you all good things.

  3. This is a lovely read Anna, it brought lots of emotions and feelings home! I clam up when it comes to talking about me! I never know where to start really? I could talk forever about other people and how I see them but when it comes to me, no, nothing! I am on a similar journey to find my way, to get out of this rut!! It’s time for me!!

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