Fresh start – hello!

Hello there, how are you?!

Time for a revamp of my blog to reflect the recent, positive changes I’m experiencing. I might still draw on memories of my beautiful little mum for inspiration occasionally, but now is the time for moving forwards and exploring new avenues, hence the new name and image.

Would you care to come with me?

I’ve always denied I’m a creative person, having dreadful perfectionism and imposter syndrome that’s crippling, but thanks to various lovely people I’m slowly getting to grips with those monsters and others. My friend, Juliet, of The Curious Creative Club, has scolded me for months about my use of the word “should”, instead of “could”, and she’s quite right, of course. Sometimes it takes another’s perspective to really wake you up: even knowing how you’ve always done things, and suspect it might not be the healthiest way to think or live, that kick up the bum from a good friend, and constant exposure to kind, generous, creative people is what REALLY helps the scales to fall from your eyes. Last September I joined WOW Wednesday, a local accountability group created by Juliet and her friend Clair (of A Social Nature), and it was the best thing I’ve done in years, if not ever. It’s a really diverse bunch of people who come together every fortnight to share their goals, whether they feel they’re winning at their experience of life, and always with care for one another. We’ve been able to keep things going since lockdown via Zoom, which has been a Godsend; those fortnightly chats have morphed slightly, but there’s still that feeling of community, of belonging, which is the most important thing for me. Can’t wait until we can return to Miriam’s café for our meetings, for coffee and delicious food, that would be the icing on the cake so to speak!

This space we’ve had since March has been very curious, space I would never have had otherwise. There have been some quite low times, but mostly it’s been time to explore interests for which I don’t usually give myself permission. I’ve written quite a few things, even had some published on the Yorkshire Writers’ Lunch blog, quite tickled to think of myself as a Writer! I’m investigating other ways of expressing my creativity, some I enjoy and seem to be good at, others I’m too impatient with and find boring or frustrating. Maybe that’s the perfectionism rearing its head, not giving me time to explore more fully?

I’ve done some painting, which I had turned into greetings cards, and intend to try some new media and techniques soon – watch this space! I’ll be sharing my writing and poetry, art and more, do hope you’ll pop back soon!